Our Aim: To create a heavenly experience with technology

The word 'Swarg' in Sanskrit means Heaven. We aim to create one, here on Earth, using technology.

We are engineers who believe technology should add to quality of life for the humanity while being non-intrusive. Technology should not be main focus of life's joy but a means to the joy; We aim to create products and devices which fulfill this motto;

With our rich experience in designing high reliablility products for mass prodcution, we create products that are reliable, low cost, innovative and most importantly- add to quality of life of the user!

We Design: Internet of Things (IoT) for to improve lifestyle for people in consumer, home, automotive and industrial domains.

Sakhī- Smart Jewelry: Beautiful, Coustomizable, Interconnected

  • ◊ Customizable by beads and charms
  • ◊ Fitness tracker
  • ◊ Voice Commands to Alexa
  • ◊ SOS Trigger
  • ◊ Kid Tracker Mode - direct connect to Sakhī-Radius kids' watch

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Radius- Kids' GPS Watch Connected toSakhī:

  • ◊ SOS Trigger
  • ◊ Voice Messages to Parents
  • ◊ Text from Parents
  • ◊ No distracting Apps: Simple GPS Tracker and basic functions
  • ◊ Cool LEGO (tm) Compatible Straps
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