Kid's GPS Tracker and Communicator Watch

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We're preparing to launch soon — hit the form below and we'll let you know when we're live.

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  • For Kids Ages 5-10 → No Cellphone required

  • No Apps or touch screen → No Distractions

  • LEGO (TM) Compatible bands and simple colors.

Clean and beautiful design

◊ Range upto 1km / 0.6mile

Connects via free wireless band to Mom's Sakhi bracelet, upto a range of 1km / 0.6 mile.

Radius Kids GPS Tracker and communicator watch links to mom's Sakhi smart bracelet viad direct wireless.

◊ No Cell phone required for kids



SOS Modes and in/out text messages

Range upto 1km / 0.6mile

SOS Button

Will send Child's GPS Location to Mom's bracelet.

GPS Tracker

Directly connects to Mom's Sakhi bracelet.

Kid→Parent Voice Message

Kids can send voice messages to Mom's Sakhi bracelet in range.

Kid→Parent Text Messages

Kids can send preset text messages to parent's Sakhi, which can be pre-set by parent via App.

Parent→Kid Text Messages

Parent can send any text via Sakhi App.

Wrist removal detection

Once enabled, an alert will be sent when watch is removed from wrist.