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World's first customizable smart bracelet

Its time jewelry does more than look pretty!

Add your own beads and charms to match your style or occasion

Features Voice Commands, Fitness Tracker, SOS Trigger, Wireless Charging

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The word 'Sakhī', pronouced as 'Sakhee', in Sanskrit language means a female friend. We designed a smart bracelet which follows this meaning.

It's time jewelry does more than just look pretty!


  • Customizable

    Customize by adding your favorite beads and charms.The 3mm band supports most standard charms including Pandora*, Chamilia*, Biagi*, Brighton*.

    Increase band length to make it double-wrap with band-extender.

    Pictures shown are of Prototype-2a (prong fit). The final production design is Proto-2b (bezel-fit).

    (*) We don't have any affiliation with these brands and trademarks.

  • Voice Commands to Alexa

    Just press the large oval to give a voice command. Alexa commands may be issued if Alexa account is present. You can even control Alexa connected devcies, ex. turning on lights, setting thermostat etc.

  • Sends Location during SOS

    Built-in GPS sends location when SOS call is initiated even with phone is broken/stolen.

  • Mesh Network

    Forms a discrete mesh network with other Sakhis upto an range of ~1km (0.6mi*) even if phone is broken. No user intervention is needed by other Sakhi owners to pass through the SOS message. The SOS message is seen only by the Sakhi cloud server and forwarded to designated friends and family of the SOS initiator.

    (*Note: Direct link Radio Frequency signal range is subject to many conditions, including line of sight, type of obstacles and materials between the devices- concrete, metallic, etc.)

  • Sends Audio during SOS

    Built-in Mic sends live audio of the surrounding if SOS mode is activated. This audio can help the emergency / law enforcement responders to prepare for appropriate action.

Two Versions are Planned

1. Opaque Version

  • Allows for a variety of crystals, cabochons, gems and glass ovals ( 50+ options)
  • Very discrete, as only LED will indicate status occasional (if enabled)
  • Longer battery life: up to 6 days for daily use.

2. Translucent Version

  • About 6 options of translucent colors
  • Allows more informative notifications
  • Watch function
  • Reminder function
  • Battery life: 3 days average depending on notifications

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Why is Sakhī better than other such solutions?

Besides customization and beauty, Sakhī can interconnect!

Sakhī has a safety feature that in absence of Bluetooth connection to phone, it connects to other nearby Sakhī devices (upto 1 km/ 0.6mile).

Such a backup path connectivity is very helpful in SOS situations.

If the phone is broken, stolen or not available, Sakhī can pass through it's emergency SOS via other Sakhī's within range.

Patent Pending Design.


Sakhi Direct-Wireless network Use Cases

  • SOS Trigger - while cell phone is connected

    Sakhī SOS Activated ----> Bluetooth User's Mobile ----> SOS Message out to cloud, designated friends, family and safety network.

    In an unsafe situation or a distress condition, Sakhī connects to designated friends and family and a network of safety services.

    An SOS call is activated by either tapping it 3 times, or pressing both crystals simultaneously.A mild-panic (call-me) signal can be activated by double-tap.

    Once activated, Sakhī jewelry transmits your GPS location to your safety network. It also sends live audio feed of the surroundings.

    Sakhi also connects to nearby Sakhi devices (upto 1km/0.6mile) and forms a second path of communication.

  • SOS Trigger - while cell is not connected / broken


    Sakhi_(A) SOS Activated ----> Nearest Sakhi_(B) in range ---> Bluetooth to Mobile phone of Sakhi_(B) owner ----> SOS Message out to cloud, designated friends, family and safety network.

    Sakhi connects nearby Sakhi devices (upto  1km/0.6mile). This mesh network of Sakhī adds a second layer or connection, much appreciated in a safety tracker device.

    Moreover such a connectivity between Sakhī devices does not require a subscription to any monthly or yearly data plan.

  • Kid and Pet Tracking

    kid and pet monitoring

    Child's Sakhi-watch ----> Mom's Sakhi Bracelet or Home Beacon ---> Bluetooth to Mobile phone of mom/parent.

    When a parent enables the kid-tracking mode, the child's GPS location can be tracked on the Sakhi App in the parents mobile phone.

    Unlike other child tracking devices Sakhi does not require a data subscription plan because it uses license free wireless band.

  • University Campus Safety Bracelet

    A university campus could be outfitted with Sakhi beacons. These will allow instant and free transfer of distress messages from any Sakhi within the radius. The cell-phone remains the standard/default means of communication for Sakhi devices, but beacons allow use of Sakhi in situation if the cell phone has been damaged or stolen.

Wireless Charger

Wireless charger is extensible for multiple devices (as shown in video), and our Patent Pending Design.


Prototype 1 - complete

The first Sakhī models are bracelets crowned with beautiful handcrafted Murano glass bead

Working demo video/s below

Sakhi Prototype 1 assemebly  and test

Proto-1 lessons-learned and improvements are being incorporated in Proto-2 / final Sakhi design.


Future Plans & Timeline

Sept 2017: Concept Eval Complete



Nov 2017: Protoype 1 built

Sakhī Main Bead, Proto-1 is built in basement.


Dec 2017: Design was certified by Arrow Electronics

May 2018: Campaign

Campaign and pitches begin. Embedded Software, App and IoT Cloud server software development in speed.

Sept 2018: Proto-2 FCC

Proto-2b will go for FCC tests and approval.

Nov 2018: Launch limited Qty

Limited qty for Indiegogo backers and testers available.

Jan 2019: Production parts Launch/Sale

Manufacturing planned in Michigan, USA

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